Come on, Los Angeles, don’t vote for the billionaire who was a Republican five seconds ago as mayor

The California primary election is Tuesday and voter turnout so far is pathetic. California has universal voting by mail, but since Friday only 11 percent of the vote had been returned. This could lead to the lowest election turnout statewide since 2014. Worse, only five per cent of voters up to 34 years of age they returned the ballot papers, while more than half of the ballots cast so far come from voters aged 65 or over. It’s strange Brexit-like breakup.

However, there is some hope: the number of registered voters is at an all-time high. Hence, people are lazy and will wait until the last minute. California will count all postmarked ballots on Election Day if it arrives by June 14th.

There are 20 races to watch, but this post is about the run for the mayor of Los Angeles. Billionaire entrepreneur Rick Caruso is running on a platform of law and order, and is considered a heavy favorite. Caruso has been a Republican for years and changed his party membership to the Democratic in January, about a month before entering the race. If elected, Caruso could become Eric Adams or Mike Bloomberg of Los Angeles. Neither is ideal, and Caruso’s campaign is shamelessly MAGA. He has even adopted Donald Trump’s “I Only Can Fix It” rhetoric.

Hey stated in a recent campaign event:

“Do you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to make Los Angeles more liveable, ”said Mr. Caruso. “We will have cleaner streets and better parks, and we will have less crime. And you can go for a walk and don’t worry. “

Is fantastic! How will it fix The Los Angeles Homeless Crisis? Hey voted bright treat the homeless as a “natural disaster” and declare a state of emergency on the “first day”, assuming authority on the matter from the city council.

Self-described “pro-centrist” Caruso said he would approach the homeless with a combination of “compassion and steadfastness”. He claims that, unlike his adversaries, he won’t let “political correctness” stop him from making tough decisions.

Here are a few more speeches from his would-be Trump:

“I look at the electorate and I think they are aligned with me,” he said. “They are afraid. They are frustrated. They are angry with the governments. They feel left behind. The leadership has let them down and they want change and they want hope and they want the chance for their children to walk to school and play in a park and not worry about homeless camps around them and not worry about the increase in crime. ” .

Caruso’s proposed solutions to Los Angeles woes earned him some NIMBY celebrity endorsement. Last month, after meeting Caruso, Kim Kardashian posted a story on Instagram where he said he believed he could “help with crime in our city, which is a big deal and very scary,” adding that “I think with him it can offer a better path to a better life for the homeless in California and Los Angeles. . I really believe in what he stands for. I was really inspired by him. “

Friday, singer Katy Perry tweeted “Rick Caruso FTW!” we think she lives in Kentucky now, therefore its approval may carry less weight. After saying that she could no longer vote for the Democrats because they are so bad and they woke up, Elon Musk offered his support for the new and fresh “Democratic” Caruso. It is not a shock.

But it was a shame to see Snoop Dogg supporting Caruso. During a Zoom call last week, nosy said, “Look what it represents. See what it is. You have my support. We are a part of whatever you are a part of, as far as bringing love to the community and keeping the people who were a part of the community there. “

The tough platform against Caruso’s crime promises more cops on the streets with no legal obligation to actually help people. presumably, the 1,500 new policemen it will help get rid of all the homeless so the rich don’t have to see them. Look, people camping out on the street aren’t good for anyone, but true Democrat Karen Bass is real human solutions.

Yes, it would put an end to street camps, but it would also house 15,000 people by the end of its first year in office. He would devote resources to mental health and drug abuse treatment. He would prioritize affordable housing.

“If you tell me you want to build housing for the homeless, go to the forefront,” Bass said. “You shouldn’t stand in line with someone building luxury housing. We don’t need any other luxury housing, in my opinion, in the Los Angeles area.”

The NIMBY set is not thrilled with this idea. Many Caruso supporters oppose plans to develop more low-income housing in the area. It is unclear how Los Angeles functions as a city without affordable housing for workers. A Los Angeles resident at a Caruso campaign event described herself as a “reformed liberal,” which is short for “republican.”

A final poll showed Bass leads the Caruso far better by 38% to 32%, so both are likely headed for the November ballot. What is worrying is the number of undecided voters, plus the current demographic imbalance. It’s possible that Caruso might come up with a surprise and if he wins more than 50 percent of the vote, he’ll skip the November election and move straight into the mayor’s office.

Don’t let that happen. If you live in Los Angeles, deliver the card as soon as possible.

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